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#ThankyouThursday 14

Thank you to Erwin Kienhuis of ‘Demenint en Kienhuis’ for his support. Much appreciated. For this Thursday here is some cool inspiration for you. Again for inspiration’s sake.


  • Earth. Earth is a network. Cool visualisation.
  • 2075. The year 2075 according to mr Wozniak.
  • Life. Live your best life according to mr Branson.
  • Emotions. Emotional intelligence. Yes we need to give it a boost.
  • Story. Storytelling and how an ‘A.I.’ sees it.
  • Feelings. Dadirri or Sukha. What? I feel the same sometimes. Have a look.


  • The Early Entry Deadline for the Lovies is tomorrow. Enter you work here


A quote to ponder on:

 “Saying no is saying yes to yourself”



Vixley is live and if you want an exclusive invite: let us know, you can sign up here for the private beta.

Please check out our /Thankyou page and have a great Friday!

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