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#ThankyouThursday 15

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Thank you to the grandmother and her two grandchildren that sat across from me on the bus this morning. The kids were so happy and excited to go on a little adventure with their grandmother. She in turn looked so happy for just being able to spend time with them. It was a great start of my day. Made me think about my grandparents, which I had not done in a while. Good memories.

Here is some fun, cool, weird stuff to hopefully inspire you on this ThankyouThursday.


  • Books The Guggenheim Museum is sharing 200+ free art books online.
  • Drawings A dad turns the crazy things his 5-Year-Old Daughter says into full illustrations.
  • Nerdgasm Blizzard offers a download of the original download Starcraft for free!
  • Dirty An artist "vandalizes" dirty cars with beautiful art.
  • Green China may build a 'smog eating' forest city.
  • 99-Cent Ikea had a great response to Balenciaga making a $ 2,145.- verzion of their blue bag.  


A quote to ponder on:

 “They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half as bad as a lot ignorance.”

-Terry Pratchett


Vixley is live and if you want an exclusive invite: let us know, you can sign up here for the private beta.

Please check out our /Thankyou page and have a great Friday!

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