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You are an inspiring charity. You can also be an ambitious individual on a personal development adventure or a professional with disruptive ideas for a better life. You Do Good. We are your online partner.

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To be bold, together! That’s what a partnership should involve.

We will help you get started on our web-based platform.

Our multidisciplinary team will support you during the full length of the partnership.

We provide support with concept, design and activation.

You have no hosting costs.

We can even support your online transactions.

Let’s do good together!

We are serious about this and take on only a couple of great projects a year

Experience the Inside of Autism

Go Inside I

Episodes of life and dreams, from birth to age 18, of a boy on the autistic spectrum and his obsession with, and escape into, the world of video. Visual spectacle, puppets, performers and live-feed cameras give voice and image to the spectrum’s unheard and unseen effects. Inside I is created and directed by Michael Haverty and Erwin Maas.

Send Me Somewhere

"What if I could provide the world with free photos? No rights, no contracts, no charge. What if my life is facilitated by people, companies and institutions that share my vision? A vision of providing good causes, interesting initiatives or people in need of good images… for free!" - Daniel Maissan

We love the open-minded! We love Daniel's initiative.

To help Professionals in Day care to assess their awareness in signaling child abuse and to comply with 'Meldcode Kindermishandeling'.

Little Miss Niksie

Nikki Duin is a participant of the School at Sea talent program. We are proud of her and gladly support her adventure. School at Sea is about broadening horizons. That is what the students (age 14-17) of School at Sea literally do. They sail to the Caribbean and back in six months. And they learn to develop their talents and leadership skills.

"Don't dream your life. Live your dreams!" - Nikki

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